01 May 2007

Had to Share

Today, as one of my student's presented her group's research on Geralmo Cardano , she mentioned that Cardano had done lots of work with perpetual motion machines and the spinning things in compasses (her phrases).

So, as she informed the class next, we should call those things on our cars Cardanos, not spinners. FYI.

07 March 2007

----, With that Fresh Cut

Today I went 1 for 2 on new life experiences.

I did not drive the 90 min round trip journey to go to a two-hour church service. In my defense, even though RM invited me on Monday. I was never given directions. I asked a couple of times but she didn't really know how to get there, just that it was by McDonalds and Beans on the highway. I probably could have found it, but that was a good enough excuse for me to put it off until after break. I don't think I really have the energy right now to go to a two-hour church service, drive and hour and a half and get through these last two days before break.

I did, however, let WR (aka T) cut my hair on the stage in the gym during the Thrift Shop, as they called it. The four dollars I spent is about four more than I usually spend on a hair cut, but the money goes to the senior trip and a great story, not to mention a fresh line. I didn't get it that short (3/8") but T did insist on the clean line and whom am I to refuse? So, the edges of my haircut are very crisp and defined at precise angles. T decided against shaving anything else into my scalp, which is good in the long run. T was a little shocked at first at how much hair I had. But, he did pretty well. I have no complaints. He seemed pretty happy with himself whenever I saw him for the rest of the day. I'm sure he'll brag a little in Alg II tomorrow as well, but that's his right. He's the artist.

By the way, in case you were wondering. The Thrift Shop consists of the senior class setting up booths in the gym selling tickets for food, soda, basketball, video games, and, yes, haircuts. After the ninth grades alloted 30 mins in the gym, class was, shall we say, interesting. After the initial dolling out of writing assignments for rapping, yelling and the like, we took about 20 minutes to get any reading done. Then another first: a student threw up in my room because of some heinous slushy that the seniors served her. So, that was a little bit of a management situation. But, in the end, we read a couple pages and then switched classes.

So, for all of you prospective/incoming MTCers anxiously reading the first-years' blogs, if you're out there at all, I'm not sure is these are reasons for or against teacher corps, or if they're things you should know before you come. In any case, maybe I could suggest a new slogan: Fresh Cuts and Throw Up, All in a Days Work.

05 March 2007

Mundane Life Update

For the first time in recent memory, I can see my floor.

That is all.

MH says it won't last. Well, let's make "last" a relative term then, eh?